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Introduction And News

The Light Beyond is a Gothic Rock / Synth-pop / Trip Hop band from Prague, Czech republic. You can find other influences in the music of The Light Beyond, too. Especially Dance Music, Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Electronic Body Music and Electro Punk.

News :

Since January 2004 it has been possible to download limitless 13 mp3 songs by The Light Beyond at! More information in mp3 section.

During 2003 4 songs were finished : State Of Mind, Big Time Politics, Garden Of Eden and So Wrong. The Light Beyond have moved more towards Gothic Rock and Electro Punk, but they succeded in keeping their own style. The full version of State Of Mind can be heard or downloaded in mp3 format.

In May 2003 a Czech & Slovak Depeche Mode Tribute titled Some Great Celebration was released by EMI Czech Republic. The Light Beyond contributed with a strings-punk coverversion of Dressed In Black. The album can be obtained in most shops in Czechia. You can also order it from, where you can find more information about the release as well.

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