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The Light Beyond, autumn 1996

The electronic band The Light Beyond was established in 1995. Its birth was assisted by Hank Rosse - Hynek Rozkovec in civil life (vocals, synthesizer, guitar and work with computer, the main songwriter) and Harry Hewer - Hynek Rubes in civil life (synthesizer, drum pads and work with computer). In the beginning they were orientated towards pure synthesizer pop influenced especially by Depeche Mode, Visage a Human League. The topics of the lyrics could be summarized under the Yazzoo-esque title The Dark Side Of Love, but it's definitely not a systematically kept custom. Demo album The Flowers Of Pain (1996) a Synthetic Pleasures (1997) were products of this early period. In the autumn 1998 Harry Hewer leaves the band, and that's why The Light Beyond remains Hank Rosse's solo project with occasional participation of his band mates from his then funk rock band Kolben Brothers, nominally David Sellner (bass, guitar) and Ondrej Kuchar (guitar).

At the same time a partial style change proceeds. It's especially about strong trip hop influence, that came out most in the Bloody Track song, which reminds the gloomiest compositions from the album Mezzanine by Bristol band Massive Attack with its temper fraying atmosphere and dark rapping. Fans of Café Del Mar compilations will surely like 74. Neverthless, there are other songs, where you can hear Gothic Rocku (State Of Mind), EBM, Electro Punk (Big Time Politics) and modern Dance Music (Cancer) influences.

The band played 5 live gigs, but currently doesn't perform live. But what is not available today, can be available ... well, perhaps not tomorrow, but maybe soon.

December 2002

Hank Rosse & Harry Hewer, October 2003

Hank Rosse does not like being disturbed when working at the studio.