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MP3s to listen or download

Download 13 mp3 songs by The Light Beyond limitless at! When you get to this page, you can click 'Ukázka' for a song sample or 'mp3' to download the whole desired song. Another page will open. This page has only Czech version. Go down to the bottom and click the link 'Souhlasím s licencí a chci si stáhnout skladbu', which means I agree with the licence and I want to download the song.
And while you're at it, don't forget to visit other Hank Rosse's projects' mp3s. The names for these projects are Hank Rosse & The Infamous One Man Band and Kolben Brothers.
Click here!
Have fun!

MP3s in standard quality :

State Of Mind (gothic rock / synth pop)

2002 :
74 (acid jazz / downtempo)
Cancer (trip hop / funk / trance)

2001 :
Bloody Track (dark trip hop)
Nothing To Me (mid tempo synth pop / trip hop)

2000 :
Need You So Bad (trip hop / synth pop)
Stone Of Madness (downtempo / acid jazz / synth pop)

Shortened versions of some songs (1 MB, approximately 2:50)

Tiny Moment

Samples from Tiny Moment single (March 2001) and other modem-connection-friendly demos.

Tiny Moment - sample (1:06, 268 KB)
Nothing To Me - sample (0:52, 209 KB)

Ghost Farm (demo) - sample (0:59, 238 KB)
Stone Of Madness (demo) - sample (1:18, 313 KB)
Your Love Is A Lie (demo) - sample (0:45, 182 KB)

Full-length versions (56 kbps, 22 kHz) :

Need You So Bad - 2000 demo (4:34, 1923 KB)
Rwanda - 1996 rarita (4:55, 2362 KB)