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  1. Rock Report 3/98

Synthetic Pleasures

THE LIGHT BEYOND is a duo consisting of Harry Hewer and Ignie Rosse. It's most probable that these are not their real names, but rather their pseudonyms. If not, then it's the first foreign band of its kind with a Czech manager. From a musical point of view it's a pure electronic matter. On the Synthetic Pleasures album they show attachment and probably also a big respect to EBM and they make a bow to 80's in the same manner. In their songs they use synthetizers, accoustic and electronic guitar and a drum module. However, the number of BPM never exceeds the imaginary boundary, so that one could say it's a contemporary alternative dance music. Ignie Rosse quite often interlards every song with his vocals sometimes completed by backing vocals, it's hard to say if they're his as well. Though after having heard several tones one might tend to think that samples, so typical for 80's, are just used to fill out the music e.g. the way Daft Punk use, in other songs they make them a base. This duo's favorite bands seem to be rather older Depeche Mode or Alphaville. Considering such production, who knows if The Light Beyond will make it to the today's overTECHNOized wide teeenage mass. Times have slightly changed since and you can't enter the same river twice.

Jiri Hofreitr